How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost in Nashville?

What’s the Cost of Remodeling Nashville Kitchens?

The cost of remodeling Nashville kitchens is variable, but based on the average numbers for the area, it is $26,241. How much will it cost you to remodel your kitchen? In this blog, we break down each aspect of updating a kitchen to help you make an accurate determination.

The Average Cost of a Kitchen Remodel in Nashville, TN

You have a lot to consider when planning a kitchen update, and the average total cost of such a project may be one of the most important factors. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of remodels for kitchens in Nashville is in the range of $14,559 and $40,533, which is slightly more than what most other regions command.

The average cost of kitchen remodels in Nashville

Whatever your budget may be, it’s important to do an assessment of the scope and costs beforehand so that you can better plan for the entire process and get an accurate estimate of how much it will ultimately cost. 

Doing research in advance on products and services that fit your financial situation and personal style can save you time and money while ensuring a successful project!

What Is the Average Cost to Replace Kitchen Cabinets?

Renovating your kitchen can be a costly process, and one of the main components of any kitchen update is replacing the cabinets. According to recent estimates, replacing cabinets in kitchens in Nashville typically costs between $4,000 to $13,000. If your cabinets are custom-made, which requires greater skill and craftsmanship, the cost is generally higher. 

What Is the Most Expensive Cost of a Kitchen Update?

The most expensive cost in a kitchen update is usually the cabinets. After that, the next most expensive cost is buying all new countertops, averaging around $8,000, and then all new appliances, averaging around $6,000. Of course, there are many factors that could reduce or increase both of those averages. 

Factors That Can Affect the Cost of a Kitchen Design and Update

Many factors come into play when budgeting for a big kitchen design update. Will you need to update every aspect of your kitchen or just a couple of things? Consider this list to decide.

Existing Structures and Floor Plan

Renovating a Nashville kitchen can sometimes require major structural changes to alter its floor plan, with the most labor-intensive option being tearing down existing walls and replacing them in a different configuration.

This transformational type of kitchen updating can be incredibly expensive due to the sheer amount and complexity of work that must be done. For example, professional contractors have to safely remove walls, replace insulation and running electrical wiring if needed, rebuild structural components such as beams for support, install new drywall or plasterboard, skim it off for painting, install finish carpentry for trim and cabinets, lay flooring and tiles, install water fixtures for sink and faucets…the list goes on.

When opting into this kind of renovation project, it is important to take into consideration both the required labor costs as well as materials to ensure all costs are included in your kitchen budget.


If you are looking to give your kitchen a fresh new look without ditching your existing cabinets, painting them might be the way to go! Painting is an affordable and relatively quick way to transform the look of kitchen cabinets.

The cost depends largely on the type of paint used, if any stripping, sanding, or primer is needed, and who may be hired to do the job. Professional painters can charge anywhere from $400-$1250, depending on the size of your kitchen, but doing it yourself will definitely save some money. A gallon of mid-priced paint runs about $40-$50, and yet another gallon for an interior primer could cost about $15-$30.


Not all kitchens are created equally, and the overall countertop space, for example, usually measured by linear foot, is a factor in the cost. If your countertop material will also serve as your backsplash or a kitchen island, you’ll want to include those measurements in your overall cost.  

The ranked cost of countertops is as follows, from most expensive to least expensive: 

  1. Marble
  2. Quartz
  3. Solid surface
  4. Stainless steel
  5. Concrete
  6. Soapstone
  7. Granite
  8. Carrara marble
  9. Travertine
  10. Cultured marble
  11. Corian
  12. Butcher block 
  13. Formica

Other things to consider when selecting countertops are durability, heat-resistance, and maintenance.


Appliances that may need to be updated or replaced include the oven, stovetop, refrigerator and freezer, dishwasher, and microwave oven. Updating only a couple of appliances, or purchasing used or scratch-and-dent model items, could be an improvement on the original appliances while still allowing some savings.

Appliance costs can vary based on size, materials and how they are fabricated, domestic vs. foreign-made, and quality of engineering. Some newer kitchen appliances are built to be energy-efficient, which can keep the cost to run them lower in the long run. 

Sink and Faucets

Upgrading the kitchen sink and faucets can be a great choice for updating your kitchen. Depending on the material, size, brand, and design options you choose, the cost will vary significantly. High-end material such as copper and some stainless steel sinks are more expensive than standard options like ceramic or enameled cast iron.

Additionally, different sizes add to the cost as well as the installation depending on the complexity of the job. Although it might be tempting to opt for an inexpensive option, if you are looking for quality in terms of durability, look beyond price tags and invest in quality material which could save you money in the long run.

kitchen tile backsplash install


Tile and backsplash updates are a great way to freshen up a small area of a kitchen. These kinds of updates end up costing anywhere between $700 and $1,000. This price can vary, depending on the cost of the material used, the total area to be covered, and whether you need to remove an existing backsplash and install a new one. 


It’s important to be aware that the cost of the flooring project can fluctuate considerably depending on the type of flooring you choose, as well as any additional services you require, such as installation and removal of old flooring.

Laminate is usually one of the cheapest options, while hardwood floors are some of the most expensive options. Whether you decide to go with a more expensive or more affordable material for your kitchen flooring update, shop around for deals and factor in any additional costs when making your decision.


Updates for sinks, dishwashers, and other appliances may require extra fixtures, valves, and pipes.

Professional plumbers who can help ensure code compliance and safe operations will charge accordingly, so that cost should always be factored in when preparing for your project. Investing in quality piping now will save you from costly maintenance down the road, so think before you skimp when it comes to this part of the project!


Depending on available finances, you have a lot of options for new lighting fixtures, from single pendant light designs to recessed downlights that provide even illumination over an entire area.

The cost will also depend on how much electrical work is required. Installing existing wiring or adding circuits to accommodate more lights can also add to the bottom line. Light up the kitchen in style with a new beautiful lighting design, and get ready to impress future dinner guests!

Tips for Staying Within Your Budget While Remodeling Your Dream Kitchen

Updating the kitchen of your dreams can be an exciting yet intimidating experience as you try to stay within a cost limit. Here are some helpful tips for staying within financial parameters while updating your ideal kitchen: 

  • Plan early.
  • Shop around to compare costs.
  • Be realistic about costs.
  • Repurpose old items. 
  • Watch out for sales and promotions. 
  • Create a timeline with estimated costs.

With some careful consideration of prices, you’ll be able to get the kitchen update of your dreams while remaining within financial limitations.

Examples of Affordable Nashville Kitchen Remodels

Homeowners can update their kitchens in Nashville affordably with a few simple yet stylish changes. To achieve the look of a modern kitchen, one option is to paint the cabinets in a neutral tone and replace hardware to add character.

Adding open shelving reduces the need for wall storage and visually opens up space. Further adding to the efficiency of the kitchen, existing counter surfaces such as laminate counters can be sanded down and given an attractive new finish.

Introducing interesting textures on backsplashes is another less-expensive way to transform a mundane kitchen design. For example, subway tiles are always a go-to classic to accentuate any style. With careful planning and creative use of budget-friendly materials, you can easily make your kitchen look great without breaking the bank.

Create an Inviting Space

Creating a welcoming space in your kitchen is easy and doesn’t require spending much money. Start by seasonally changing the textiles on window treatments, chair cushions, and tablecloths.

To make a bold statement, paint an accent wall with a splash of color like turquoise or a soft gray to enhance the space. Use decorative accents such as wall art and shelves to display your favorite items and add personality to the space.

Additionally, adding some houseplants can reduce stress while improving air quality in the kitchen—just make sure they don’t get too much direct sunlight! With a few cost-effective tips and tricks, you can easily transform your kitchen into a beautiful and homelike space.

Use as Much Natural Light as Possible

Lighting from outside can be used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the kitchen. The best way to use this light is by positioning furniture, such as tables and chairs, a built-in bench seat, a chair or small sofa, or a movable island if you have one, near windows with ample exposure.

Mirrors are also great tools that can help reflect sunlight that is coming through a window, creating an even brighter atmosphere while cooking meals during the day. Adding new, larger windows or a skylight would be a bit more on the costly side, but deep cleaning your current windows could also increase the amount of light in the room.

How to Find a Qualified Contractor for Your Kitchen Update

Hint: You already have! Velocity Construction is a team of Nashville kitchen remodelers that has been in the business for over 25 years. We know the ins and outs of kitchen remodeling, and we have all the appropriate licenses and insurance.

When searching for a professional, start by seeking out contractors who have years of experience in renovating Nashville kitchens in the local area. Ask each interested party for detailed portfolio samples of their past projects as well as client testimonials that speak to their quality of work.

Additionally, ensure they are licensed and insured with credible references available should you need further assurance beyond the portfolio and testimonials. After gathering the necessary information, compare each option carefully before making the best choice for your specific needs to get the most out of your kitchen remodeling project.

What to Expect During the Renovation Process

construction equipment

The updating process for Nashville kitchens can seem like an overwhelming process, but with the right preparation, it will be a smooth experience. The key is to plan in advance so that you are well-informed about expectations. If possible, bring in a professional for an assessment and make sure you draw up a clear contract outlining timelines and payment terms.

When the renovations begin, be prepared to live without your kitchen for possibly weeks on end while they work their magic. Dealing with dust and debris is part of the process. Of course, any project comes along with surprises and problems, but your chosen professional should have solutions! With some thinking ahead and organization, you should expect successful renovation results that last for years.

You Won’t Regret Working With Velocity Construction, Your Helpful Partner in Remodeling Nashville Kitchens

Velocity Construction is the perfect partner for all of your updating needs for your kitchen in Nashville. From floor plan reconfigurations to energy-efficient appliances, our experienced professionals offer great service, quality materials, and durable results. No matter what your style may be, Velocity Construction can provide unique solutions tailored specifically to you. Contact us for a meeting today. 

Our team of knowledgeable, friendly representatives will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the finished product meets your standards. With so much time and effort saved in the remodeling process, working with Velocity Construction is a decision you won’t regret!

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