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Looking to add more space and value to your home? Velocity Construction has got you covered! Our expert team specializes in crafting top-notch home additions in Nashville that blend seamlessly with your existing home, creating a functional and stylish living space.

Home additions are a type of residential construction that involves adding new living space to an existing home. Maybe you’re thinking of adding a needed feature, like a garage, second story or sunroom?  Or a room, such as a bedroom, bathroom, home office, or family room? What will make your home complete?

Why Is Velocity Construction One of Nashville’s Top Home Addition Contractors?

Velocity Construction understands the importance of customer satisfaction and strives to exceed our client’s expectations on every project we undertake.

Finest Workmanship

We only use the highest quality materials and techniques for all home additions, ensuring long-lasting results that will stand the test of time.

Outstanding Customer Service

We understand that the home addition process can be stressful, which is why we provide top-notch customer service. Our friendly and knowledgeable project managers are always available to answer questions and are committed to providing support throughout the entire process.

Decades of Experience

Our decades of experience have earned us a solid reputation, and our team has the knowledge and expertise to bring your vision to life and create the perfect home addition that you’ll be proud of.

Most Popular Types of Home Additions

Velocity Construction specializes in all types of home additions, from sunrooms and decks to full-scale attached and detached room additions in Nashville. We can build an addition that will blend seamlessly into the existing structure of your home and create a completely new living space for you to enjoy. Some of the most popular types of home additions we offer include:

The great room is a popular addition to today’s homes, and it can add both functionality and style. Whether you want to bump out your existing kitchen/eating area to create a larger integrated family entertaining space, add a great room with an adjoining bathroom to the side or back of your home, or add a family room leading out to an outdoor kitchen, we can create a space that fits your vision and lifestyle. 

Our team of home addition contractors will work with you to design the perfect room, considering your needs and budget.

A master suite or a guest bedroom addition is an excellent way to expand the size of your home and accommodate changing needs over time. If you’re looking to add a master suite, we can help design and build the perfect master or guest bedroom suite. Or if the in-laws visit a lot, perhaps they need their own space.

Building another level above your one-story house is an option that can add square footage to your home. A second-story addition can potentially cost less than building out, expanding the home’s footprint. You’d need to consider zoning laws for your neighborhood. For example, if all homes on your street are ranch-style or one-story, the zoning might not allow two-story homes.

Whether you’re looking for a sunny spot to relax or a sheltered area for entertaining guests, adding a covered porch can be a great investment in your home. The home addition contractors at Velocity can help you by customizing covered porches, screened porches, or patios to fit your exact style and needs.

Adding a deck to your home is an easy way to create additional outdoor living space. From providing extra seating for family gatherings and barbecues to serving as the perfect spot for enjoying a pleasant evening, decks offer countless possibilities. And, a deck addition provides one of the highest returns on investment of all types of home additions. Our team of professionals can build a custom deck that adds value to your home.

Outdoor kitchens are an excellent way to transform your backyard into a comfortable and inviting space for entertaining. For those who love to entertain, or simply spend more time outdoors, our experienced team can help you design and build a custom outdoor kitchen that will make it easy to host parties and cookouts all year long.

Whether you need extra storage for your home, additional bays for vehicles, or more space for a workshop, a garage addition can be the perfect solution. From traditional one-car garages to multi-level spaces with room for multiple cars, there are countless possibilities when it comes to adding a garage to your home. Attached? Detached? With or without a loft? Space for lawn equipment, bicycles, and sports equipment? No problem. Our experts can help you design and build the perfect garage to suit your storage needs.

With walls of glass or windows and plenty of natural light, sunrooms provide a peaceful retreat while still allowing you to feel connected with nature. Whether you’re looking for an area to relax or a spot for entertaining guests, sunroom additions can be the ideal way to enhance your home. Our skilled team can help you design and build the perfect sunroom addition for your home.

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What Are The Challenges of Home Additions?

While home additions can offer many benefits, there are also some potential challenges that you should be aware of. A home addition project requires a great deal of planning and can be time-consuming. Additionally, if you’re not careful with the design, it could disrupt the overall look of your home or property. That’s why it’s important to work with experienced contractors such as Velocity Construction who can help you build the perfect addition for your home in Nashville.

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When to Hire a Home Additions Contractor?

Hiring a home additions contractor is a big decision that requires careful consideration. It is time to hire a home additions contractor when you need more space, you want to increase your home value, or you do not possess the skills and expertise to do the work yourself.

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FAQ for Home Additions in Nashville

The most cost-effective home addition is often adding a room within the existing footprint of your home. Technically, this is a remodel or renovation. This can include converting an underutilized or unfinished space, such as a basement or attic into a usable room. 

Another cost-effective home addition project is to add a garage or carport to the side or rear of your house. This adds valuable storage space for cars, tools, or other items you don’t want to clutter up the interior of your home. A garage typically does not require all the utilities that most room additions require – generally only electricity, no heat or water – which keeps the cost lower.

Whether home additions are worth it or not depends on your specific situation and needs. In general, home additions can be a good investment if you plan to stay in your house for the long term. However, it is important to weigh the cost of the project against the expected return on investment before taking the plunge. Generally speaking, adding square footage to your house is a great way to increase its market value.

Home additions can be a costly project because they involve more than just constructing new walls and roofing—they also require the design and labor of skilled contractors, quality materials and technical equipment, permits, inspections, and other associated costs that can quickly add up. 

Also, a home addition project can be very complex in nature and requires a good deal of planning and coordination to ensure that everything is done correctly, and with integrity. 

It’s important to carefully plan and budget for a home addition to ensure that you are getting the best value for your investment.

Designing an addition to your house can be a complex process that involves multiple steps. 

First, you’ll need to identify your goals and decide what type of space you want to create. By speaking with a project manager or general contractor early in the process, you can learn a lot of information about home addition building possibilities and the general process. These experts will know about zoning regulations in your area and will know the necessary steps required by your city before beginning any construction. 

Next, you’ll want to discuss the layout of your addition with an architect or project manager who can help draw up plans for the new space. 

Once you have your plan in place, you’ll hire a project manager or general contractor, who can obtain permits, establish a schedule, and order materials.

Designing a home addition is no small undertaking, but with careful planning and consideration, it can be a rewarding experience.

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Our team handles a wide variety of maintenance and construction projects for both commercial and residential buildings - contact us today for a quote on your next project.

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